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next to the last true romantic

stealing hearts like they're horses

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pinch Estelle, dance with Jane
31 December
On friending: I don't really use LJ as a social site. Unless I've had a conversation with you, I'm probably not gonna friend you back--and I almost never check my flist. Please feel free to friend me if you'd like to keep tabs on my entries, though! Thanks, guys. ♥


Pyrebi is a twenty-something library monkey who officially has no life. She traded it in over the summer for a handful of fandoms, a music collection that's mostly dominated by Josh Ritter, an iPhone named Jörmungandr, a huge stack of books in a wide variety of delicious flavors, and a case of Mountain Dew. Pyrebi firmly believes she got the better end of that deal, even if she did run out of soda rather quickly.

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being a bad fan, cheap chinese food, cheeseball crabs, continuously changing my tags, dickwad angels, doctor who, fanfiction, fics i'll never write, getting my thesis done, growling at people, new media studies, obscure mythology-based jokes, passing my classes, playing with fire (literally), pretending to get it, reading, robot heads, signing up for challenges, sleeping, supernatural, text-based icons, undiscovered pyramids in maine, various profanities, walking, wind, writing, your mom

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